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I spent last weekend at home with my mom, grandma and boyfriend–we relaxed, watched movies, and ate gobs of food. While at home, my mom and I made this delicious, spicy soba noodle salad. The recipe made enough for a week of leftovers, but I wasn’t  complaining about that!



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Some friends and I celebrated our friend, Chase’s, birthday in LA this past weekend. Although my schedule is much busier now with a full-time job, not leaving a lot time for gift shopping, I always try to at least squeeze in time to bake or cook. Baking goods is a great way to give a gift from the heart.

Once I received approval from Chase that he does in fact like chocolate and peanut butter, I began baking. I found this five-star recipe for peanut butter cookie dough brownies on the Food Network website. I was instantly sold on the recipe after reading the rave reviews. People commented on how these brownies were swept off the table within minutes after serving and how everyone couldn’t get enough of them.

I experienced the exact same situation when I brought a tupperware full of these rich and delectable brownies to the birthday party. Although I carried the treats around the bar all night, as I did not want to make the birthday boy hold them, I did not mind one bit. Throughout the night, I actually had friends, and strangers, coming up to me asking if they could try a brownie because they’d heard everyone else gushing about them.

There is no doubt that I will bake these desserts again soon. I’d say this was the perfect recipe.

I made similar dessert bars (here and here).


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